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Note and terms and conditions:

1.If you use the car before 8:00 in the morning or after 9:00 in the evening, you will be charged a surcharge of $100.
2.The pick-up and drop-off station will charge $100-150 per station and the waiting fare will be $250 per hour.
3.The waiting time is up to 15 minutes, and the excess is calculated as 1 hour. The fee is HK$200-300. Please pay attention.
4.Local car cancellation within 24 to 72 hours of departure time, deduct 30% fare; departure time 0 to Cancellation of the fare paid within 24 hours will not be refunded.
5.The company will notify your customers about the license plate by phone/email/WhatsApp the day before the car is used. And driver information.

本月特價花車套餐 :  

平治 Mercedes-Benz  +  24座位豪華小